After a long day at work the last thing I want to do is spend hours in the kitchen cooking dinner.  That is precious time for me and I do not want to spend my evening in the kitchen.  However, having a meal for my family that is filled with high quality ingredients is extremely important, and sitting down at the dinner table is how we reconnect and share our day with each other.  Bertolli Frozen Meals has made that possible with their Italian skillet meals that feature authentic flavors and ingredients.  I can have a family style Italian meal on the table in 15 minutes! Wow!

Delicious Family Style Italian Meals Fast

Francesco Bertolli opened his small storefront business selling reginal foods in Italy in 1865.  He wanted to provide more than mere ingredients for meals. He sought to provide ingredients for robust meal experiences that awaken the senses, enliven conversations, and inspire us to be in the moment. Today, the people behind the Bertolli brand feel the same way and believe Bertolli’s philosopy, “there is nothing more beautiful than sharing great food, conversation, and laughter.”  I could not agree more! That special family time spent around our table talking about our day is the highlight of mine.

Delicious Family Style Italian Meals Fast

By the time my kids finish helping set the table I can have a Bertolli Frozen meal cooked and ready to eat.  Just 11 minutes in a skillet and it is done! Our favorite Bertolli Frozen Meal is the Chicken Florentine and Farfalle.  We like to pair it with a caesar salad, garlic bread, and every now and then, my husband and I enjoy it with a glass of wine.  I love that I can enjoy restaurant-quality Italian meals at home that taste great, are quick to the table,  and make spending time with my family easy.  I also love that Bertolli has an authenticity expert classically trained in Italian cooking to ensure that every ingredient and every flavor combination in their frozen meals stay true to the brand’s Italian heritage, and that their meals are flash frozen to preserve the dish’s complex flavors and textures – bringing an authentic Italian experience to our dinner table.

Bertolli’s authentic frozen meals make it easy to dine like an Italian at home and bring elements of “Mangia” to your dinner table with ease.

This year, Bertolli is encouraging people to live Mangia and eat like Italians do. Did you know that  Eighty-four percent of Italians eat at the table with family, and 70 percent of Italians eat family-style, compared to 31 percent of Americans who eat family style.

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