If your kid is like mine, the first thing they want to do after a long day at school is reach for a snack. Children are typically famished by the late afternoon and craving a quick pick me up before dinner time. If you are looking for some fun and creative snacks for your child to enjoy after school, you have come to the perfect place. Below you will findĀ 5 healthy after school snacks perfect for that afternoon pick up your child needs. Take a look!

Healthy After School Snack Ideas

1. Banana Boats

This is a snack that if you provide the supplies, your child can make by themselves. Simply place a banana (peeled) in a bowl. Provide healthy toppings such as low fat peanut butter, sunflower seeds or peanuts, coconut shreds, raisins, and fruit. Allow your children to make their own banana boats from this mixture of ingredients and enjoy!

2. Apple Smiles

This snack is also fun for children to make themselves if you just provide the ingredients. Cut an apple into half moon shape slices. Then, spread some low fat peanut butter on the top, flat parts only of the apple slices. Place mini marshmallows in a row on the peanut butter. When done, it will look like a smile with teeth!

3. Fruit Skewers

Cut a variety of fruits into large chunks and place on wooden grilling skewers. Offer them to your kiddo with a side of low fat yogurt for some tasty dipping. Kids will even enjoy creating these skewers themselves. Yum!

4. DIY Lunchables

Offer your child a variety of low fat meats and cheeses along with a side of mini cookie cutters. They can cut fun shapes out of the meats and cheeses, and place them on whole wheat crackers or wheat bread slices also cut into shapes.

5. Tasty Yogurt Pops

It does not get any easier than this recipe. Simply take wooden popsicle sticks and poke them through the foil lids of low fat yogurt cups. Place in the freezer. Once frozen, remove the sticks from the cup and a whole yogurt pop will slide out. You can even roll it in chopped nuts or oatmeal if you wish.

See how easy it is to offer your child fun, frugal, and healthy after school snacks? Give some of these snacks a try this school year and watch your children squeal in excitement! They are sure to love making and eating these healthy snacks.

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