We love traveling as a family, especially going on road trips.  We have gone on trips that have only taken us a couple of hours to trips that have taken us across the country and back.  3 days in the car can be hard on anyone, especially kiddos.  That is why we like to be prepared to make it a wonderful traveling experience for us all.  Here are my 10 Tips to Help You Survive Road Trips with a Toddler and be prepared for your next vacation.

1. Board Books and touch and feel books- They keep my kids occupied for hours.

2. Bring snacks, and lots of them. It is great to have a variety of them as well.  Cut up fresh fruit, vegetables, and cheese and put them in the cooler.  Make sure to bring other treats to like MumMums and yogurt melts.
3. Do not forget your toddlers favorite lovey, bear, blanket, etc. Whatever they love, and reminds them of home.  This helps your kids feel more at home while they are away.
4. Stop at as many rest stops as you can to give your little one a break.  Some rest stops have grassy areas and even playgrounds that are perfect for your toddler to run around and have some fun.
Tips for Road Trip with a Toddler
5. Disinfectant spray, paper towels, toilet paper, wipes, and baggies are all great things to have on hand for emergencies in the car or hotel room.
6.  If at all possible, have one person sit in the back seat with your little one especially if it is a longer trip.  Be prepared to play Peek-a-Boo for hours;)
7.  An iPad, Kindle, or travel DVD player is a must have.  Make sure you have them charged and loaded with lots of fun! Do not forget the car chargers!
Tips for Traveling with Kids
8.  Head to a DVD Kiosk for new movie for your kids to watch.  We rent a movie in one state, and then return it in another.  This is great so your toddler does not have to keep watching the same movies over and over again.
9. Buy a couple of new toys and hide them in a bag during your trip. If your child gets cranky in the car, and nothing seems to help, bring out one of the new toys. This really helped us!
10. Stay at Residence Inn Marriott along the way and once you get to your final destination.  Their spacious suites with separate living and sleeping areas and fully functional kitchens are perfect for traveling families.  They also offer grocery delivery and complimentary breakfast (the waffles are a hit with my kids)! Plus, with their free Wi-Fi, it couldn’t be easier to stay connected,  entertained, and stay on top of what’s important.

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